A Solitary Traveller’s Journal: Day 0

[Because I’m a CS girl, and we start counting/indexing from 0 😉 ]

5 May ’14, Monday        

9:30 am

I’m sitting on the floor, trying to pack a floor-full of stuff strewn around; Sanu’s on the bed ticking off a check-list while Pinu sulks near the doorway after I declared the number of cooks was getting out of hand. I have to catch the Kanpur-bound train in 3 hours, and I’ll say it.


I have never been allowed to travel alone out of the city, and now I’m about to embark on a 1200 km+ journey all alone…

God save me. More, later.

11:54 am

Strapped tightly in the car, clutching my black HP laptop bag as if my life depended on it. I’m not sure what this journey will bring me… or whether I’ll be able to bag that ticket to a doctorate, But I know for certain, that my life will never be the same.

Call it my gut feeling.

Or is it just wishful thinking? Because it would be so anti-climatic if I returned home, still an idiot?

More, when after I get on the train.

[A selfie for luck!!]



12:36 pm

And I’m off. Dad helped me lug my luggage to my sear and promptly got off (Bhubaneswar’s just a 5-minute stop) but stayed right outside the window till the very last moment. And till the very last minute I wondered internally whether I was going to tear up.

IMG_20140505_123222Well, I didn’t.

After all, the intention is to look poised, as if I’m used to travelling alone like this. Goodness if I get conned by some fellow traveller!

Well here I am, next to the window even though it ain’t my seat. I’m in one of the 3-seater berths, and I’m sharing my compartment with an elderly couple. I know I should open one of my books but… I’m not feeling like it. In fact, I really feel lonely.

Fun facts:

  1. My bags have started to weigh a tin now that they aren’t in my bedroom floor.
  2. Dad was explaining things about trains and berths as if this is my first time on a train, as if I haven’t spent half my lige on these 😛 In fact, I’m feeling downright nostalgic at this moment, 🙂

More, later.

1:11 pm


The elderly couple from earlier turned out to be from another coach altogether, and were taking a brief breather before the TT sent then on their way. Well, my compartnent’s started filling up,, and it’s 3 youngsters. Paint me bothered.

I have brought down my huge, red GATE preparatory book, and am totally ignoring the guy across from me trying to catch my eye, No way that’s happening BTW.

1:53 pm

Buying anything on board is daylight robbery. A rs. 10 Lays chips packet costs rs 15 here. And he claimed he didn’t have any rs 5 change. So I ended up buying 2… It was either that or reveal to the world where I’m headed. Seemed like the better choice.

I’m terribly sleepy and barely holding on. I do NOT want to fall asleep and be vulnerable this early on.

4:25 pm


After lunch and a non-nap “upstairs”, I’m back in my borrowed seat. Back to GATE!

6:00 pm

The train’s pulling out of Kharagpur junction, The direction of travel (from my POV) has reversed, and it is getting dark. I couldn’t study much, but did refresh a couple of subjects. Now I know what was wrong when I got one of the GATE questions wrong (repeated word but I’m too tired to fix that -_- )

Dad tells me to expect Sonpapri sellers in an hour or so… I’m looking forward to getting a good deal (^_^).

6:33 pm

The usurpers of my window seat have arrived, or shall we say, the rightful owners? My “airy” time has come to an end, even as I shamelessly continue to hog the seat. Because I’m never getting it back once I get up.

7:57 pm

A bit of excitement! After getting ousted from my window seat, and climbing up my “tower” to have “dinner”, I realised that my headphones earphones had disappeared. Like, they were right there in front of my eyes, and then gone. I was forced to bother my ‘neighbours’ downstairs and hunt for it. Well, this episode had a happy ending, with me recovering them. Let’s hope that this trip gets me more happy endings, and if possible, a happy beginning.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. No sonpapri walle ever showed up… :/ )

A few clicks from my poor phone:

IMG_20140505_125230 IMG_20140505_125322 IMG_20140505_125335 IMG_20140505_125347


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    • Hi Anusia! Indeed this is a brief description, it was meant to be a prelude to a series of posts; however the experience turned out to be quite personal and a bit melancholic, so I couldn’t write more 😦

      About the exact timings, I was actually maintaining a diary so that I could get the details right!!

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