A Solitary Traveller’s Journal: Prologue

Before we begin, here’s a bit of background info:

This blogger is a 21 year old girl who’s lived her entire life (heretofore) with her parents. The said parents allow her all the freedom in the world when it comes to travelling within the city (as long as it’s still daytime) and once even let her stay alone at home for over a week when she was 15. But when it comes to ‘travelling’, she has never been allowed to go alone. Even if it’s a trip to Puri with friends, it is deemed risky, and dangerous. Or something like that. But somehow because of a certain Twist in the Tale, that very girl ended up on a 1200km journey on her own, is in  Kanpur at the moment, and will once again travel the 1200+ distance the day after tomorrow in order to get home.

She did not have any intention to release her travel diaries online, but somehow it ended like this. So following this would be posts, day-of-travel wise, of a trip that most definitely changed her life forever. Of a certain place that turned her world upside down.

IIT Kanpur, this is for you.