Of Monsters and Men

Edit: It was pointed out to me that I appear to be lashing out against men where as the vices in general can be attributed to all of humanity. I truly apologise – I used the term ‘guy’ a lot when I meant ‘people’. The examples I cited predominantly had male antagonists. Of course, the title itself does not help, but it was inspired by the person who drove me to reflect on the demons within us, and it stuck. Truly, I believe men and women are equal in every respect – including the capacity for evil.

I actually wanted to put ‘Of massholes and pricks‘ as the title [censored: I have annoyingly nosy younger siblings]. Rest assured, I absolutely mean what I didn’t write up there.

There are good people in the world, and there are bad folks. The said bad guys can be categorised into several different levels of viciousness and uselessness. There are moustache-twirling thugs in the neighbourhood, the silent neighbour next door with a hacked spouse in the fridge, a friend you thought you knew but actually is a rapist, a judge who declares a rapist of a minor to be absolutely blameless. You can rank their crimes however you want, and I have a suspicion that most of you might assign different ranks to them. I myself wonder where I’d fit assassins in the hierarchy.

Some of you might even think believe they don’t count as truly bad. Maybe it was all slander?

What about the good guys then? How do you actually define who a good person is?

  • A person who has never been to jail?
  • Never convicted accused of any crime?
  • Has records of being diligent, hardworking, and caring?

Doesn’t that essentially define people who haven’t been caught… yet? So can’t we just say, all humans are potential bad guys, monsters yet to be unmasked?

Unfortunately, extremely annoying persons (read massholes),  though highly identifiable, are not included in the core ‘bad guy’ clique. They are big-time wannabes, and they hang on to the lowest rungs of their desired depravity with all their mights. But if you ignore them for long enough, one day you might be surprised to find a true monster in front of you.

Humans are amazing, in a way. Of the monsters are men, most hide behind an angelic face. Bengal Tigers are gorgeous, but they are honest about what they are. They are predator, we are prey, and that is a refreshing change from the monsters within us. Mingling among us, and breeding within us.

And any given day, I would prefer an honest monster over a lying, smiling, back-stabbing face.

Disclaimer: I use the term ‘Men’ as in Mankind, males and females both. Same is true for ‘guys’. Because I think the phrase ‘bad guy’ has a charm that ‘bad person’ can’t simply replicate.