Princess Dreams

Female Rant Alert. Don’t blame me for not telling this in advance! I do learn from past mistakes 😀

Everyone has dreams. Some dream of riches, some of fame. Some of success, pretty much the same. Some dreams have stories behind their origins; some dream of originating stories of their own.

When I was a kid, I think I wanted to be a princess. Mostly to least track down Fairy Godmother, and it seemed then (and even now) that Fairy Godmothers were exclusive property of Princesses or Princesses-to-be. I loved stories, and even though I didn’t believe them to be true, I truly wanted them to be. And I thought that since Fairy Godmothers featured quite heavily in the Grimm-verse, that should be proof enough. Well, obviously, I didn’t manage to locate Ms. Godmother. And if she does exist, she definitely did not come to my rescue as I stumbled through this last month.

You have to admit, fairy tales have a certain charm. Yes, it’s sort of annoying that the Princess has to wait for the Prince to come to her rescue, nevertheless it’s comforting to a child – that you are not alone. And that help will find you when you need it. Obviously blinders go off as you grow up and you learn the hard way that any help you receive has some obligations tied up, more often than not (but thankfully, for humanity’s safe, that it’s not so all the time). How sad it is to grow up from being starry-eyed to cynic; but I think it’s better be alert than be bruised all the time. So waiting around for princes to pick you up from the ground is nothing but absolute folly; and Fairy Tales are to be shelved in the comfort-remedy zone along with hot chocolate and soft pillows (feminine comfort zone, please do excuse me).

People who know me would be surprised reading this post. I’m often loud and noisy, and come across as thoughtless and fun-loving. When stated this baldly, it definitely doesn’t seem like a flattering description, but that’s definitely one of my sides. But I did grow up as my dad’s princess, and was definitely as spoilt as one for 8 years 😛 . I definitely wanted to own a wand (I think I confused being a Princess with being a Fairy 😀 ). I definitely wanted to be able to control my own destiny.

Today, I feel a bit lost. It certainly feels tiring after being asked time and again, why I left my job. Why I abandoned steady pay and stability for pursuing MTech, not even MBA, which seems like the thing to do. They ask me why I did not wait another year and try again, or not trying going abroad altogether. Some sagely say that MTech has no value, some even append pitying looks at the end. And I smile and nod and just stay silent.

Everyone is welcome to have their own opinions, and obviously I have my own. And I’m not in a position to say if I did something right or if it’s true that I’m foolish. All I can do is my best, all I can hope is for best. I still dream, after all, it’s just that they aren’t all that sparkly now.

Princess Dreams, battered and beaten, still exist.

Keeping to the theme of this post, here’s Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, a song from the Princess Diaries 2 playlist whose lyrics I find really inspiring 🙂