Blue Umbrella

It’s Shalini Jena’s XXth birthday (not sure if she wants to reveal her birthday publicly on the internet 😛 ) and I’m finally back on the blog with this song dedicated to her J Hope that crazy girl somehow finds her way here, and likes it !  Happy Birthday, you woman! 😀
To listen to this song now: 
I was skipping down the road when it started pouring
And I scrambled in my bag but it had nothing at all
And there was no shelter nearby


And it’s not like I was all alone, with the wind that was blowing
Throngs of people over took me as I just stood by
And I was drenched to the bone


With a blue umbrella
You stopped for me, and stood by me
And with the blue umbrella
You walked with me, and I wasn’t lonely at all


The Last Laugh

I lie out here, freezing to death
I just wish this got over
I don’t have time for this
And – with a start I realize –
I don’t have time left at all.

Mistress Death is taking her sweet time
Life just had to have the last joke
Oh yeah, I jump off the cliff
and get washed ashore
a painful end for me.

At least it is an end
The thought that keeps me warm as I freeze
Or wait, will warm thoughts make me survive?
I’m definitely delirious
That must be a good sign.

Death is taking her own sweet time
I stare at the blurry sky, the pale moon overhead
The cold seeps into my lungs
My wet clothes are an icy embrace
I’m still waiting.

Why is it taking this long
I don’t want to think
It’d remind me of a smoking chimney
Of large innocent eyes that will have to wait forever
Of my own failure.

I concentrate with all senses left
The dull, constant dripping of blood
The whisper of breeze
Muffled sounds of footsteps far away
Oh no, I can’t be caught this way!

How longer will it take me to die?
I was never good at anything in life
I’m no good at dying either
I tried to outrun life
But life just had to have the last laugh
The vindictive old beast.

The Hangman’s Tree

This is a story I’ve long been telling
This is where i was left behind
A punishment for loving her
A punishment of trust
I bear this stamp of betrayal
I’ll bear it forever.

This is a story I’ve long been telling
This is a story that’ll always be told
Oh the furtive whispering underneath this tree
Blows like a warm summer breeze
I keep hanging, waiting for my lover
This is where I’ll wait forever.

A broken promise, a spurned lover
All those ties you severed forever
I sway with the breeze, listening for your return
The hangman’s tree keeps me tethered
This is a story I’ve long been telling
This a story that’ll always be told.


I wanted some space

In this place, it’s all I’ve got.


I curl inside, hiding even as I’m alone

I cry like a child, melting all I am inside

I wanted no one to see as I bared my soul

And here no one gives a damn.


I wanted some space

In this place, it’s all I’ve got.

Not Anymore, Anyway

Here’s where I always belonged
The place I called my home
And there is nothing left
Not anymore, anyway.

Everything that bound me left me behind
I’m left drifting, all alone
I can’t stay here with nothing left
Not anymore, anyway.

My restless soul haunts me, the wind on my face
As I leave my old life behind me
Old memories sing a siren’s song
But I can’t go back.

Not anymore, anyway.



I looked my enemy right in the eye

And accepted my defeat, my head held high.


Oh no, I won’t run and hide

Or crouch and cry over what i miss most

Or keep waging a war long lost.

I’m a prisoner of war

Even if I keep claiming I’m not.


The war has been fought, the battle lost

And my injuries my own burden to bear

And they are all I have left.

The Lullaby

It’s been three years since you went to bed

Sleep on, my wronged friends

In the deep eternity find peace

Without the pain of those last moments.


Six feet under, all gone together

Sleep on, my wronged friends

Every year on this day time stands still

As your fiery farewell kills us again.


Snatched away from us,

Sleep on, my wronged friends

Someday your deaths will be avenged

Wake up that day and be at rest.


That day is yet to come

Sleep on, my wronged friends

Listen to my lullaby, as you rest

Somewhere we’ll meet again, someday.