Have you looked out of your window yet?

Well, have you? The greenery flourishing under the constant drizzle, the smell of fresh wet soil wafting in through the window, the big fat local frog croaking with relish under the big oak tree, and the constant pitter-patter of raindrops against the glass creating a lulling harmony. And here I am, hating every moment of it.

Maybe here I should mention that I, on a normal day, tend to fall at least a couple of times; slippery, wet and muddy paths are anathema to me. I should ALSO mention that those pretty green bushes harbor NUMEROUS unidentifiable ugly and creepy bugs which love to cross my path and spook me, further sealing my fate of falling. Ergo, you should also know that I detest that smug bullfrog and you have no idea how I throttle my murderous intentions. And the lulling lullaby of the rain drops? That deceptive tune IS lulling me to sleep, and I hardly get any work done!

So see? While everything looks like it’s from a children’s picture book, it turns out that everything in this world is nothing but a lie….

See? Even this fella agrees :P
See? Even this fella agrees 😛


Growing Up. Maybe I did join the club?

I always wondered what being an adult would feel like. I kept playing a never-ending game of guessing what I would feel like when I really grew up. I also kept guessing when I would grow up.

My first musing of this kind occurred when I was 9, and I coveted my mother’s pretty handbag.

“You like it?” My Mom asked me, smiling. I grinned. “Yep!”

“Well then, I’ll keep this safe and give it to you when you grow up.”

That of course, led to infinite impatience and the question – when will I grow up?

When in my fifth grade, I decided that I’ll have grown up when I’d reach the 10th grade. In a 5th grader’s eyes, the 10th graders were unruly beasts and a sight to behold. I took one look at their towering heights and exuding confidence and set the bar for being grown up. Then one day I did reach the 10th grade and was so utterly disappointed in the not-really-grown-up-me. Then I wondered, 12th maybe?

That year – my 12th grade – passed away in mayhem, the last year of my school life and I spent more time panting in exhaustion than feeling grown up.

College – it has to be in college, I decided in sheer desperation. On the first day to college, while almost everyone in the bus were still lamenting not making it to the IITs, I was busy anticipating changes in myself. And in 3 days I was back to my old ways with my new friends, playing pranks, monkeying around and being as immature as possible. I then let go of that childhood question with a slight pang of regret and a philosophical shrug, and decided – I’ll grow up when it’s time.

And then yesterday, it happened. My Mom had misplaced her stuff, and I offered to help search for it which led to a treasure hunt among all her things. And I unearthed the handbag, the leather slightly dull yet the golden buckles and buttons gleaming like ever.

“Can I take this, Mom?” I blurted out, clutching the bag tightly in my grasp and waiting for her reply as if my life depended on it.

“Sure, take it.” Mom replied, pausing her digging and searching to smile at me.

All those old musings suddenly played in my mind like an old reel freed from its shackles. I’d felt I was suspended in time  ageing but never really growing up and then all of a sudden I’d woken up to find myself slightly grown up, slightly mature.

It is my first inheritance – the first one that counts. My Mom believed I had grown up, and thus I felt that I did. And I’m the happiest person in the world… 🙂


Tough Coff. EE!

One of the most pleasant luxuries in the world is a mug of coffee with just the right ratio. And yeah I just brewed me some! I’m no connoisseur, mind you. But I do love coffee. It started out innocently with cold coffee shakes with friends, moving up to instant coffee with cold milk at […]

Where did I go and die?

Well I’ve been asking myself this question for quite a while. I haven’t written one single word in Klutz Diaries in SO LONG! The Book Hog started with so much hype but then that died down too. Recently I opened another blog, Geekista for my technical interests… and I don’t want it to die down too! :O […]

Just this selfish feeling

This lonely feeling
Just Alone

It feels kinda stupid writing about this; it’s as if I’m selfishly dragging the unknowing world into my self-centred sphere… But is something wrong with me? I’m surrounded by people who love me, I’m surrounded with people whom I love. But right now, at this moment, I’ve never felt lonelier… Somehow I feel if I keep it in and sit on it, I might burst into tears. And crying without any definite reason is something only a crazie would do… On second thoughts, it’s what men think women do anyway 😛

Just what is this selfish feeling? What exactly do I want? I can say I want to be left along and I would hate anyone prying (Even though I’m publicly airing this feeling – Oh God can I be any more vain? -_- )

Or maybe… is this self-hatred? Na… the description doesn’t match. All I know is, I’m lonelier than ever, and I really don’t want to talk about it any more -_-

Ambarsariya hype – Am I too late to join?

My friends always declare that I always stay a bit out of sync with the rest of the world. God, I wish it wasn’t true. You know the person who get’s the hang of a joke a bit too late and laughs out after everyone else’s stopped ROFLing? Well, yeah that’s me. The last person to be in the loop 😀

Recently this disease has spread to current fads (and yeah I’m just 20 dammit! ) and (horror) music! I saw many updates on Facebook declaring how awesome this song, Ambarsariya, is, how they love it and so on. Somehow I always decided to check it out later, and then always forgot. Facepalm.

Then Sheersa got to talking about it, took one look at  my blank face and just plugged one earbud on me and started playing the song (yeah she’s used to me being out of it 😀 ). And as I slowly took in the music, the voice, the lyrics, well… I had to admit that Ambarsariya from the movie Fukrey isn’t all hype… There is a reason why there is the hype in the first place.

That song is simplicity personified; simple lyrics, music absolutely straight forward. It’s a song that looks at you straight in the eye, and delivers its message fair and square. And as Sona Mohapatra gently chides the ambarsariya (guy from Amritsar) not to pick innocent flowers *grin* you just can’t stop your feet tapping to its luring beat!

Here’s the beautiful song that made me rave over here for you all to listen again.. and if there’s anyone else who is like me out there, you gotta try this song out!


Blue Umbrella

It’s Shalini Jena’s XXth birthday (not sure if she wants to reveal her birthday publicly on the internet 😛 ) and I’m finally back on the blog with this song dedicated to her J Hope that crazy girl somehow finds her way here, and likes it !  Happy Birthday, you woman! 😀
To listen to this song now: 
I was skipping down the road when it started pouring
And I scrambled in my bag but it had nothing at all
And there was no shelter nearby


And it’s not like I was all alone, with the wind that was blowing
Throngs of people over took me as I just stood by
And I was drenched to the bone


With a blue umbrella
You stopped for me, and stood by me
And with the blue umbrella
You walked with me, and I wasn’t lonely at all