Who am I?

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Well, Writer Girl used to be my online name. I’m a girl and I do write, so don’t give me that look. πŸ˜€

So who am I really?

Call me Jisha. That’s my nickname anyway; even my parents never use the name that’s on the certificate. ‘Bakshree Mishra’ is quite a mouthful and, let me assure you, highly unusual and you won’t believe how I dread new teachers and those first day introductions *shudders*. Or rather, if you were one of my classmates, you’d know exactly what it’s like πŸ˜€ So I’m Jisha, a girl who wants to be a writer.

What’s the catch?

I also want to be an engineer. Not the regular software engineer, however. I Β love programming and developing new techniques and would be absolutely miserable doing Database management. And since I’m an undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering, I have a hard time finding time for other things.


But of course I haven’t lost my imagination and my head full of words. And I find logic and imagination are two sides of the same coin, and as long as I keep flipping it, I’m cool!

And so…

And so here I am, where I can give way to my secret passion, of words and rhythms. It’s a whole new world out there for me to see, for me to write.

Why ‘Klutz Diaries’?

‘Cause I’m the person most likely to knock the 15th century vase off it’s pedestal in a museum, the one who’ll cause an avalanche of books in the library and give the librarian a concussion in the process. I’ll find the smallest pebble in the smoothest of roads to stumble on, and if nothing there’s always my own feet to trip over. But being the biggest klutz does give me tons of subject matter – so I don’t mind it much πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

What’s this blog about?

It’s about everything I care about. If something pierces my world of dreams, it reaches here. I rave, I babble. And also post some of my original works. And if you like any of them, nothing can make me happier πŸ™‚

Why a separate blog The Book Hog?

I started noticing I was posting more reviews than personal posts in Klutz Diaries. And the posts were getting fewer day-by-day (or month-by-month πŸ˜› ). So I thought, why not separate these two aspects? So 1st January 2013, instead of making New Year’s resolution, I started my new book blog,Β The Book Hog. Nothing will make me happier if you dropped by there! πŸ™‚